If you haven’t yet made physical activity a habit, it is good time to start now. Fitness, along with proper nutrition, is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being fit increases energy, maintains physical functionality and may prevent or minimize complications from chronic diseases.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Improve your home gym with Perfect Fitness’s Ab Carver Pro to strengthen your arms and core. By steering left, right, or center, the ultra wide wheel helps target the obliques, while hand grips activate arm and core muscles simultaneously.


Under Desk Elliptical

It’s time you skip the excuses. This under-desk elliptical allows you to fit your workout into your work week, so you can be juggling phone calls and emails while peddling away under your desk. It connects via Bluetooth to a mobile app, allowing you to track your progress and set goals for your week. It has eight levels of resistance, so you can adjust intensity. Plus, it’s incredibly quiet, so it won’t bother your nearby coworkers.


Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill  

If you want a treadmill, but space is an issue, this fold-up option is easy to pack away when not in use. The initial setup is a breeze, too. Plus, if you aren’t quite sure how often you’ll use it, the price tag will attract budget shoppers.


Power Block Adjustable Dumbbells (Pack of 2), Black, 24lb.

Place the pin in these dumbbells anywhere from 3 to 24 pounds, and start lifting. They’re adjustable in 3-pound increments. This set also has an average of 4.5 stars from over 400 customer reviews on Amazon, with many raving about the colorful look and comfortable feel.


Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer

Accurate, Affordable and easy to use. Includes inRide sensor for wireless power-based workouts and fitness test using the Kinetic inRide app. Compatible with pro flywheel for 12 pounds of extra inertia, frame fits 22 to 29 inch wheels. Kinetic trainers are compatible with virtually all bikes. Bikes with a rear thru-axle will require a kinetic traxle thru-axle adapter for use on any trainer


WaterRower Club Rowing Machine 

If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, look no further. This rower sits at the front of the class. The main difference is that it uses a water flywheel, similar to the sport of rowing itself, to replicate the feel of being in a boat on a lake or in an ocean. Its monitor tracks all the usual stats, including stroke rate, intensity, duration, and distance. And yes, Mulgrew says this is the machine used in CITYROW classes. 


Bosu Balance Trainer, 65cm “The Original”

This balance trainer isn’t the typical balance board, but it’s an extremely effective and versatile tool. Flip it over so the flat, hard surface is on the top and you can stand on it just as you would stand on a balance board. Flip it back over so the ball part is facing up, and you can hop on and condition some of your favorite yoga poses — or get down on the ground and practice some pushups for added resistance and muscle stabilization. 


Bern 2016 Men’s FL-1 Summer Bike Helmet

Great for road bikers, mountain bikers, and high-end commuters, this helmet features the latest and greatest technology. The Boa dial provides a comfortable and precise fit, and the MIPS system offers the best protection against rotational force. This bundle even includes a lightweight quick-dry headband to keep the sweat out of your face without overstuffing your helmet!


Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app

This is so much more than the typical scale that sits next to your toilet. In addition to measuring your weight, this scale calculates BMI and body fat percentage, as well as muscle, bone, and water mass. Best of all, this information syncs automatically, via Wi-Fi, to an app on your phone, so you can keep track of your stats and progress effortlessly.


Fitness Tracker with 24/7 Wrist Based HR

The Polar A370 is a fitness tracker that combines a solid host of features, understated design, and a user-friendly color touchscreen. It can deliver an array of fitness data, including the user’s continuous heart rate, as well as notifications to a compatible smartphone. The bands of the A370 are interchangeable, and we think it’s the most user-friendly fitness tracker Polar makes.


Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine 

Exercise Equipment for home vibration plate, balance your weight workout equipment includes, remote control & balance Straps Included improve fitness & flexibility. The hurtle vibration platform trainer features a revolutionary design for fitness that’s fun – vibrating exercise machine style for full body sports training.


Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

Pushup stand designed to rotate slightly, engaging more muscles and increasing strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs Ergonomic grips help distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and joint strain on wrists and elbows.


BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose Dumbbells

Training with dumbbells allows you to select resistance training exercises based on their similarity to actual movements that occurs during sports.Dumbbells require more balance than training with barbells or machines, and balance is crucial for optimal performance.


Stamina Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine

Full-motion arms on the Stamina BodyTrac Glider simulate the feel of rowing on actual water. The unique design allows for a full-body, effective workout for every major muscle group – including back, legs, arms, abs and glutes. Rowing is also widely known to aid in improving cardiovascular health and burning calories.


Crazy Fit Vibration Fitness Machine

The Hurtle Vibrating Exercise Platform provides you with a new and exciting way to train! Take your fitness to the next level with vibration-assisted workouts that target your entire body. The Vibration Trainer also features Bluetooth and built-in stereo speakers that add music to your workout sessions. It works with all of today’s latest devices and is super easy to get connected. The revolutionary design allows you to tone your abs, thighs, buttocks, calves and more. You will have the ability to focus on more areas of your body while incorporating a wide-range of different workouts with Built-in Bluetooth. It’s perfect for athletes and sports training, or anyone looking to accelerate weight loss and burn fat.


 Cardio Elliptical Trainer

Feel the burn when you step up on the HIIT Trainer. HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training is a training technique that involves repetitively giving 100% effort for a set amount of time followed by short recovery periods, keeping your heart rate up throughout your workout to burn calories and build strength. A Full-Body HIIT Workout. The ProForm HIIT Trainer combines a smooth 10-inch vertical elliptical path with powerful upper-body movements to simulate stepping while boxing, getting your body sweating and burning calories throughout your workout and beyond.


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